Sexy Guys Keith & Mario

Keith Conner is back for more and today he brought along with him his buddy Mario for a little suck and fuck.   Mario kicks things off by licking the tummy of Keith, which he clearly enjoys.   As his hormones rage hard, Keith has no choice but move to get the boxers off Mario so he can suck his dick.   This Freshman X set gets pretty hardcore quite quick, and Keith Conner shows why he is a rising star in gay porn.

Keith Conner & Mario

The calm before the storm!   Keith Conner and Mario are posing all cute like on the leather sofa, but sex is going down.

Mario Licks Keith

Keith pulls up his t-shirt so that Mario can lick his bellybutton.  He said he finds that a major turn on and is a sure fire way to get his dick hard.

Keith Wants Mario's Cock

Shirtless Keith has his nips pierced with hoops, but the main focus of this picture is the shaft of Mario’s cock coming out to play.   Next stop on this adventure is some wild oral sex before Mario throws his hammer deep inside Keith Conner’s ass.

Keith Conner And All His Gay Friends Can Be Found Inside Freshman X Now!

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